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Navin Officer Heritage Consultants (NOHC) provides specialist cultural heritage conservation and management advice.  We believe in building a more sustainable future through the inter-generational transmission of heritage places, knowledge and values.



Current projects by NOHC    26/09/2018

Current projects include: Googong New Town; Analysis and reporting on the salvage excavations conducted for the upgrade of the Pacific Highway on the NSW North...

Is this the oldest continuous visitor book at an Aboriginal site?    26/03/2017

This visitor’s book was placed in an Aboriginal rock art site, located in the NSW South Coast hinterland, by Kelvin Officer, NOHC Director, as part...

An Aboriginal Keeping Place for Western Sydney    22/12/2016

On the 20th December 2016 another milestone in the Western Sydney Airport project was reached with the provision of a ‘Notice of Intention’ to Sydney...

‘A Wonderful Day’    18/08/2016

In early August the Googong Anglican School joined the NOHC field team in an archaeological excavation of a mystery historical site in the paddocks of...

3D laser scanning employed in recording Aboriginal scarred trees    16/04/2016

NOHC recently completed the reporting of a salvage program for three Aboriginal scarred trees  at the Wilpinjong Coal Mine, NSW, for Peabody Energy Australia. The...

Cooks Hill Salvage, NSW North Coast    06/07/2015

NOHC are currently conducting salvage excavations at Cooks Hill, near Broadwater on the North Coast of New South Wales. This forms part of a Pacific Highway...

Inspired by Aboriginal Art    20/05/2015

As part of a year two inquiry at Red Hill Public School (ACT) into Aboriginal art and ‘Who we Are’, NOHC Director Kelvin Officer, recently...

Springbank Archaeology Project    

As part of a joint Australian National University and Canberra Archaeological Society program of archaeological investigation on Springbank Island in Lake Burley Griffin, ACT, our...

Under the table dealings    10/03/2015

Most archaeological test excavation is restricted to the top metre of the soil profile, if not the top 30 cm. The need to shore-up or step-back deep...

Western Sydney airport    20/02/2015

NOHC have teamed with RPS to conduct the cultural heritage assessment of the Western Sydney airport proposal as part of the GHD multidisciplinary team preparing...



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