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Kerry Navin (BA Hons, MAACAI)

Director and Senior Heritage Specialist

Kerry has worked within the field of consulting archaeology for 30 years. In that time she has been involved in some 1000 projects, acting as principal consultant and/or project manager. Kerry has broadly based archaeological and organisational skills supplemented by wide-ranging experience in all aspects of cultural heritage management. She has extensive experience in stakeholder consultation, project management and working within multi-disciplinary teams. Kerry has specialist skills in coastal archaeology. Kerry is a full member of the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. and is a past president of that association.


    Kelvin Officer (BA Hons, PhD)

    Director and Senior Heritage Specialist

    Kelvin has worked within the field of consulting archaeology for 30 years. During this time he has been involved in over 1100 projects, acting as principal archaeologist and/or project manager. Kelvin has a broad range of cultural heritage experience and archaeological skills in both indigenous and historical fields. His experience includes field survey, excavation, site recording, Aboriginal and stakeholder liaison, and cultural significance assessment. He also has experience as an expert witness in the Land and Environment Court and Commissions of Inquiry. Kelvin has specialist skills and training in the archaeological analysis, recording and conservation of Aboriginal rock art sites. Kelvin has written a PhD dissertation on theoretical aspects of rock art analysis. Kelvin was awarded the Peter May Prize (ANU) in 1984.


      Nicola Hayes (BA, BSc, Grad.Dip.Arts)

      Associate Director and Senior Heritage Specialist

      Nicola has worked in the field of archaeology for thirteen years. Nicola has been involved in and/or project managed over 500 projects to date. Prior to joining the NOHC team in 2004 Nicola worked in the ACT Heritage Unit, where her role included the registration of Aboriginal sites within the ACT. Nicola has extensive experience working with NSW and ACT Heritage legislation in both Indigenous and historical heritage matters. Nicola also has experience in Indigenous consultation and has worked closely with numerous ACT and NSW Aboriginal organisations and representatives. She specialises in project management and field logistics within NOHC and works closely with clients on a day to day basis. Nicola has led several field survey and excavation programs as part of the cultural heritage management process. Nicola has developed a number of innovative programs for NOHC including, ‘Back to Country’ programs for the return of Aboriginal objects back into the landscape.
      Nicola is the first point of contact for Navin Officer Heritage Consultants


        Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy (PhD, BA Hons)

        Associate Director/Senior International Heritage Specialist

        Susan is an international cultural heritage consultant/archaeologist with 30 years’ experience. She has worked as a heritage regulator, holding senior position in the NSW public sector, as a senior member of the environmental team in the development (energy) sector, as an educator and researcher at university level and as a heritage consultant. Her experience includes a broad range of indigenous and non-indigenous archaeological projects, heritage planning, historic site conservation, asset management and cultural heritage research. She is a former President of Australia ICOMOS (the International Council on Monuments and Sites) and she has also served as President of the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists. Susan has provided expert advice through ICOMOS to the World Heritage Centre of UNESCO and has also consulted to UNESCO in relation to Intangible Cultural Heritage. Her leadership roles in prominent archaeological and heritage non- government organisations attest to her strong standing amongst professional peers and her reputation as a strong achiever. She has skills in archaeology, cultural heritage research, heritage training, complex heritage site development and strategic asset management; and has worked at a senior level in public policy development, government regulatory and management roles, heritage asset management (including Industrial and historic heritage) and research for state and local government and the corporate sector.


          Tony Barham (BA Hons, MA)

          Geomorphologist and Senior Geo-archaeologist

          Tony brings over 30 years international experience in consulting archaeology to the NOHC team. He specialises in subsurface geoarchaeology and salvage archaeology on major infrastructure schemes. He has led and delivered team-based project heritage management outcomes. Tony has designed innovative approaches to archaeological survey and salvage excavation in terrain as diverse as caves in remote PNG, desert tell sites in Turkmenistan and mine sites in the Pilbara; he also has extensive experience working on archaeological projects in NSW. In the 1990s Tony designed the frameworks for subsurface archaeological testing and salvage on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (now HS 1) – rolled out over 14 years, and led innovative joint-funded Department of Transport/Kent County Council/English Heritage mitigation for the Medway Tunnel approaches (Kent, U.K.). In Australia, he has worked as specialist advisor on project outcomes for major mining companies. A career aim has been to “ground” his archaeological research within applied consultancy, and maximise community outcomes from heritage mitigation projects. Tony is an international leader in meshing geotechnical data with archaeological mitigation to deliver cost-effective solutions to clients, especially in deep stratigraphy areas of alluvial floodplain and coastal deposits.


            Adrian Cressey (Dip.EnvSc, B Archaeological Practice Hons)

            Senior Heritage Specialist

            Adrian has worked in the Cultural Heritage Management industry since 2009. He has over nine years experience as an archaeologist working on indigenous and historical archaeological projects throughout NSW and the ACT. He has also worked on projects in the Pacific Islands and Indian Ocean. Adrian has strong interpersonal skills, developed through liaising with community stakeholders, clients, and Aboriginal organisations. Adrian is well-practiced in all aspects of archaeological survey, site recording and assessment, archaeological excavation, and cultural heritage management.


              Jasmine Fenyvesi (B Archaeological Practice)


              Jasmine has joined NOHC in 2018 and is a graduate of ANU. As part of her studies Jasmine focused on Australian and South East Asian archaeology, with experience in both Aboriginal and historical archaeology in Australia. She has fieldwork experience in NSW, ACT and TAS, and spent time in Taiwan studying the heritage management of archaeological sites and artefacts. Jasmine is rapidly honing her research and report writing skills through her work at NOHC.


                Kim Navin (BSc Zoology)

                Marine Biologist/Information Systems Developer

                Kim has been active in the fields of marine biology and biological information systems since 1984. He was employed at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) in the areas of Coral Ecology and Taxonomy between 1984 and 1996 during which time he initiated the AIMS CoralBase project. This became one of the initial five databases in the Species2000 project which led to what has now become the Catalogue of Life. From 1996 until 2006 he worked in collaboration with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) in Panama which resulted in the digital publication of Shore Fishes of the Eastern Pacific for which he was appointed a STRI Research Associate. In 2002 he joined the CSIRO Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research and became supervisor of the Australia’s Virtual Herbarium database project within the Australian National Herbarium. As well as his science background Kim has a wide range of computing and programing skills and has recently been pursuing his passion for folk music as the IT manager for the National Folk Festival. Kim’s roles in NOHC include data management and the development of information systems as well as the analysis, identification and interpretation of marine remains, such as those encountered in Aboriginal midden deposits.


                  Joel Mason (M Archaeological Science, BAH)

                  Archaeologist/GIS Specialist

                  Joel has a Masters in Archaeological Science from the Australian National University. Joel has a broad and extensive experience in archaeology that has taken him worldwide studying abroad in Croatia and conducting projects in Italy. Joel specialises in GIS techniques and analysis and is experience in artefact analysis and flexible field methodologies that can be adapted to a variety of situations and environments. Recently Joel has been involved with NOHC in several projects including the Western Sydney Airport project and the Googong historical excavation providing archaeological and GIS support.


                    Tessa Bryant (PhD, MA Anthropology First Class Hons, B.A Arts Hons, BA/BSc Conjoint)

                    Senior Heritage Specialist/Specialist in stone tool analysis

                    Tessa is a stone artefact specialist and has experience recording and analysing large assemblages for both research and consulting. Her doctoral research was in western New South Wales. Tessa has worked on both Aboriginal and historic cultural heritage projects. Her experience encompasses field surveys, Aboriginal community consultation and archaeological excavations. Tessa has been involved in archaeological projects in Australia and overseas, including collaboration with international multidisciplinary teams in New Zealand and Egypt.  Other specialist skills include: archaeological mapping and geospatial analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), field survey using Global Positioning Systems (GPS), field survey and archaeological site recording using Total Stations, and geophysical survey. Recent key projects include cultural heritage assessments and stone artefact analyses in NSW.


                      Meg Walker (M Archaeological and Evolutionary Sciences, BA, BComm).


                      Meg has worked as an archaeologist and bioarchaeologist in Australia, Southeast Asia, and Italy. After conducting her thesis on bone development and behaviour in a mid-Holocene Vietnamese population, Meg joined NOHC to assess midden and faunal assemblages, and conduct heritage and archaeological works. Meg has experience in field excavation, field recording practices, and surveying alongside faunal skeletal analysis, ethical macroscopic and microscopic analysis of human remains, palaeoenvironmental reconstructions, and implementing digital methods to record rock art. Meg has recently worked on analysing and interpreting Aboriginal midden assemblages from the Northeast coast of NSW.


                        Ngaire Richards (BAI Hons)

                        Senior Heritage Specialist

                        Ngaire has over 10 years’ experience as an archaeologist and heritage consultant delivering Aboriginal and historical heritage projects. During this time she has been involved in the preparation of archaeological assessments, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Reports, due diligence reports, heritage impact assessments, excavation reports, heritage and planning studies, and archaeological management plans for a range of clients, including Commonwealth and state government departments and agencies, local government authorities, and the private sector. Her skills span historical research, field investigation (archaeological survey and excavation), report preparation, GIS, heritage and planning advice, project management, and Aboriginal community consultation.

                        Ngaire has a Bachelor of Arts Informatics (Hons) in Archaeology (Prehistoric and Historical) from the University of Sydney, and is a full International member of Australia ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites), member of the Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology (ASHA). She is currently the NSW coordinator for National Archaeology Week.


                          Ben Sybert (M Archaeological Science)

                          Archaeologist / GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist

                          Ben completed his Masters in Archaeological Science at the Australian National University. While at the ANU, Ben received specialist training in Advanced Remote Sensing and GIS, along with a specialisation in forensic archaeology.  Ben has fieldwork experience in the ACT, NSW and Italy, both in aboriginal and historical archaeology. Ben’s roles at NOHC include artefact analysis, GIS analysis and fieldwork logistics support along with archaeological survey and excavation. Recently Ben has been involved in several NOHC projects including the Googong historical excavation, Western Sydney Airport project, Wilpinjong mine and Wyangala Dam.


                            Madeleine van Ewyk (BA, GradDipArch)

                            Research Assistant

                            Madeleine is a graduate archaeologist after completing her Graduate Diploma in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management at Flinders University. Whilst studying Madeleine gained extensive experience cataloguing and researching historical artefacts including glass, ceramics and metals. She has experience researching Australian history including convict and family histories. Madeleine has fieldwork experience excavating and recording in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, on Indigenous and historical archaeology sites, and in Greece.


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