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excavationNavin Officer Heritage Consultants (NOHC) is dedicated to providing realistic, comprehensive and effective cultural heritage management services throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. With close to thirty years in business, NOHC is one of the longest continuously-operating specialist heritage consultancies in Australia. We are diverse enough to tailor our services to complex projects but small enough to provide that personal touch. 

Through our professional partnership with Wolfpeak we are also able to provide specialist environmental consulting, engineering and project services to our clients who are seeking a one stop shop for all their environmental heritage projects.  Together we can deliver the broadest range of specialist expertise that can be tailored to the needs of any project.

NOHC has been involved in over 2000 projects to date. We have a reputation for providing outstanding heritage advice combined with a high quality professional service. We deliver services to individuals, businesses, organisations and government departments whose activities require cultural heritage impact assessment.

NOHC provides expertise in all aspects of Aboriginal and historical archaeology, cultural mapping and cultural heritage management. We provide policy advice, including government programme reviews and management strategies for Nationally listed and World Heritage sites. 

NOHC manage the time-effective conduct of projects through efficient field strategies, integrated hand and mechanical archaeological excavation techniques, and by conducting analysis and report writing tasks concurrently with fieldwork.


We have an outstanding record of completing projects on time and within budget. This is reflected in the number of projects successfully completed by NOHC, and the number of return clients who commission us to deliver increasingly more complex and challenging projects.

Our principal office in Canberra is central to national institutions, authorities and archives which simplifies archival research and liaison with Commonwealth clients. Our Sydney and Cairns offices facilitate the conduct of projects in NSW and Qld.

Company personnel include archaeologists and heritage specialists who have a diverse range of skills and specialisations, field and technical assistants, and office support.


about_4NOHC has long-standing professional associations with a wide range of heritage practitioners who provide services within specialist fields such as anthropology, maritime archaeology, rock art conservation and materials conservation.

NOHC personnel are available to work within Australia and internationally and collectively our staff have carried out heritage projects in eleven countries including Australia.

Many of our staff are members of professional associations consistent with their disciplinary practice such as the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc (AACAI), The International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), the Australian Archaeological Association (AAA) and the Australian Anthropology Society (AAS). 

The services of NOHC are backed by the professional standards and ethics concomitant with membership of the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc and are consistent with The Burra Charter: The Australia ICOMOS Charter for Places of Cultural Significance (2013).



Our services are best practice, comprehensive and backed by experience.


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U4 Kingston Warehouse, 71 Leichhardt St
Kingston ACT 2604
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Primary contact
Ms Nicola Hayes Principal Archaeologist
Email: nhayes@nohc.com.au
Mobile: 0421 274 470
Dr Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy Associate Director
Email: smcintyre-tamwoy@nohc.com.au
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