NOHC provides a full spectrum of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultural heritage services. These can be summarised as: detection, recording, investigation and assessment; consultation and interpretation; impact mitigation and conservation management.

Our services have been developed in response to satisfying the statutory requirements of our clients, who may need to satisfy the conditions of an assessment process, or management and conservation orders.

NOHC expertise encompasses all aspects of Aboriginal and historical heritage including:

  • Instigation and coordination of consultation with Aboriginal and community groups;
  • Archival, ethno-historic, historic and anthropological research;
  • Execution of small and large scale cultural heritage site surveys;
  • Conduct of small and large scale cultural heritage subsurface testing and salvage excavation programs for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal sites;
  • Digital field recording and mapping;
  • Archival standard recording of sites and features;
  • Specialist recording, conservation and management of rare or fragile sites, such as rock art sites;
  • Geomorphological interpretation and analysis;
  • Age determinations, including radiocarbon dating and OSL;
  • Reconstruction of past landscapes;
  • Analysis of Aboriginal artefacts including lithics, shell, bone, other organics, and rock art;
  • Analysis of historical artefactual material;
  • Artefact illustration;
  • Significance assessment;
  • Recovery, analysis and reburial of Aboriginal skeletal remains within a framework of Aboriginal community consultation, involvement and cultural respect;
  • Preparation of oral histories;
  • Provision of conservation management and impact minimisation programs;
  • Forensic investigation and reporting;
  • Generation of management plans for the conservation and maintenance of cultural heritage places and their values;
  • Provision of expert advice for government and legal inquiries and proceedings;
  • Conflict resolution between private, government, Aboriginal and other community groups;
  • Cultural heritage inductions.

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